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posted Nov 21, 2012, 11:35 PM by Lana Kuykendall   [ updated Nov 21, 2012, 11:36 PM ]

Well a lot has transpired since I was released from Roger C. Peace Rehabilitation Hospital (RCP). I am sorry that I have not been able to update this site as much as we had originally hoped, but as you can imagine, I have been tremendously busy with trying to get my out of hospital life back together. I am hopeful that this update will get everyone back up to speed on my life and that I have finally (hopefully) reached a point in my recovery where I have time to update on occasion.


Rehab: I have been very busy in rehab. Within a week of being discharged from RCP I began outpatient rehab through RCP. I had Occupational and Physical Therapy 3-4 times a week. My other 2 weekdays usually had doctor’s appointments. I know it sounds crazy, trust me…it was crazy…but I literally had some sort of medical appointment every day! At the end of October I was able to be discharged from Occupational Therapy. I had met most of my goals for that, including being medically cleared to drive again. Wow, that was freeing! I have just been able to “cut back” on my Physical Therapy and only have that 2-3 days/week. I have regained some strength in my hands/upper body and the babies are great at challenging me to keep up with their growth. I have better use of both of my hands; though fine motor skills still present a bigger challenge. The numbness in my hands persists, but I remain hopeful it will go away. I am able to walk so much better than when I went home! I have progressed so much that I usually can walk without any assistive device, though I have to use a cane on occasion with various setbacks that occur. I am able to climb stairs, carefully, but still, I can do it! One of my next “big” goals is to take a small “hiking” trip. Hopefully in time I will be back out doing all the things I used to do. Please continue to pray for me in rehab. I work very hard and am grateful that God has blessed my efforts thus far. Rehab is very tiring for me and there is still all the normal wife/mommy stuff for me to do at home. I often get exhausted long before everything is done. Darren is such a tremendous help, doing lots of “home” things and “waiting” on me during rough times…making sure I can elevate my legs and bringing whatever I need to me. Numerous family and friends have stepped in to help with so many things from transportation to child care to meals…I could never have made the progress I have made without the incredible support from people I love.


Surgery: I have been “privileged” to have numerous surgical procedures since being discharged from RCP. Unfortunately I have had some sort of hospitalization or surgery, ranging from overnight to several days every month. I developed an abscess that had to be drained, I had carpal tunnel surgery in hopes that would help the nerve damage to my hands and just tonight I had to get fluid drained from my knee. When I left RCP I thought I was done with hospitals, but I have learned that rehab is not a straight uphill path. There are dips along the way, but as long as the trend is upward, things are going well. There are still more surgeries in my future, but we are hopeful that it will be a while before we need to have them.


Children: The children are doing tremendously well! They are growing and are healthy. We feel so blessed. They are a constant source of joy to us and we delight to interact with them. It is so fun to see them develop and become their own individual self. Ian is all boy…grunting and huffing, bouncing and constantly moving. He is constantly happy, smiling and laughing at everything! Abigail is our thinker. She watches and observes everything carefully before deciding how to react to it. She loves to play peekaboo, often anticipating where you will appear next. She too is a happy, content baby.


Thank you: I want to say thank you to all who have done anything for us. So many people have contributed to my recovery and there will never be a way for me to thank everyone “properly”. I am so thankful for your prayers. I know God answers prayer, even if it is not “exactly” how we wanted them answered. I am thankful for those who have visited, called, sent cards/notes. I am thankful for those who have provided meals, I never could survive making meals every day when I got from therapy and/or doctor’s appointments. I am thankful for those who donated PTO, it was such a blessing. I am thankful for those who provided rides for me, when I couldn’t drive myself to my many appointments. I am thankful for those who watch our children, whether it is a planned event or a middle of the night urgent call. I am thankful for those who have donated financially. The bills and day-to-day living expenses have been significant and I will be out of work for a while yet. I am sure there are other things that I may have forgotten or may not even be aware of that people have done to care for us. Thank you! I am humbled by how many people have cared for us and we are so grateful for your support!


Some of you may have seen that I cut my hair rather short. After coming home I had significant hair loss. Based on my research, Post partum hormone changes, long hospitalizations (especially with little physical activity) and anesthesia can all cause hair loss. So…considering I was subjected to all 3…at the same time…apparently my poor hair didn’t have a chance. After trying to work with and mask this hair loss, I gave in and decided to cut it short to the length of the healthy regrowth. Yes, I am very grateful that it is coming back! To be honest…my hair loss bothered me more than all the scarring on my legs! Maybe that is vain…but I liked my hair. On the “try to find something positive to be grateful for” side…I am grateful that this gives me a chance to try something I never would have had the guts to try before. I like my hair better than I thought I might and I am grateful for that as well.



I hope this can give you a glimpse of where we are now. I am new to updating this site…so hopefully I can get myself up to speed on it quickly. I apologize for the delayed update. I was hospitalized right after I posted the “teaser” in September, so that is why it wasn’t updated sooner. It is 2 AM and this seems to be the only time I can get a chunk of time to write. I will also try to figure out how to add photos…but that may take a while as my brother set that up and I haven’t been instructed in accessing that yet.


Specific ways you can pray:

Our spiritual encouragement and growth

Our family dynamics/interactions and relationships

My pain

Strength and endurance for therapy and home responsibilities

No more setbacks

Healing of my current wounds

Healing of some abdominal complications

Restoration of all damaged nerves, but specifically my hands


 Thank you all once again!

Lana for Darren, Abigail and Ian

I have tried to add some recent photos, I hope you can see them!

Lana Kuykendall,
Nov 21, 2012, 11:35 PM
Lana Kuykendall,
Nov 21, 2012, 11:35 PM